B of A to open more outreach centers for delinquent homeowners

Bank of America plans to triple the number of its assistance offices for homeowners in trouble on their mortgages, including adding seven of the new outreach centers in California.

Ok, I’m sorry ahead of time if there appears to be a little skepticism in my voice.  I truly  hope what you’re about to read is actually going to help the masses with B of A loans.  My experiences and the experiences of my clients/friends have been less than positive when it comes to B of A and loan modifications.  Full Story from the LA Times below.

B of A Full Story

Opening 7 new centers in California is a start, but in my opinion, that’s half the battle.  Without the proper training of staff, they might as well not bother.  I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the person at the other end of the phone lacks the knowledge and people skills to properly help the consumer.  Ok, I’ll get off my high horse,  at least they are trying. We’ll revisit this and 12 months and see.



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