Slow Grooves – Sunday Spirits & Cool Cars, March 15, 2015

Slow Grooves – Sunday Spirits & Cool Cars,

March 15, 2015, Noon – 5:00pmFlyer3-15

Please join us for this wonderful fundraiser. See below for more information on this great organization, created solely to help the kids on the ridge.

Paradise Chocolate Fest May 8th-May 17th 2015 – Celebrating 10 Years of Sweetening Kids Lives thru Chocolate

Other than the wonderful Chocolate available to all, here’s a few things you may not know about the Paradise Chocolate Fest, aka Youth on the Ridge Community Foundation-YRCF. In the last 5 years they have distributed over $115,000 to various youth organizations, over $23,000 in 2014 alone.  Please visit their website for more information, Paradise Chocolate Festival, and information on the many things they do for the community.

There are many wonderful candidates for Chocolate King and Queen. This year, we are sponsoring Dina McSpadden, co-owner of Screen and Window Shop in Paradise, CA, Don her husband has been in the glass business since the 1970’s and they are great supporters of our community. Whether you support Dina or any of the others, all monies they raise will go directly to the children of this wonderful community. We strive to support our local youth and YRCF is a perfect example of that.

Whether or not you can make the event, there are many ways to help.  I’ve included Sponsorship/Marketing Fest-logo (2)Opportunities, please see the attached Sponsorship Form.  Feel free to fax to 1-866-381-8855 or email to  All checks are made payable to YRCF and are tax deductible.

Dont be the one to miss this Great Time, visit the Events Schedule and save the date for your favorite event!

Feel Free to phone me for additional information 530-570-3381.

Gratefully Yours,

Cindy Haskett

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