7 Factors Millennial Home Buyers Should Consider Before Investing in Chico, CA

Chico Home Buying

Are you one of the millennial home buyers that are looking for a real estate property in Chico, CA? Chances are if you’re reading this blog post, that’s exactly what you’re thinking about.

Whether you’re an out-of-state buyer or from the area, there are some key considerations that you must think about before investing in a property in Chico, CA.

7 Factors Millennial Home Buyers Consider when Looking for a Property in Chico, CA

1. Location

Chico is the largest city in Northern California. It’s located at a high elevation, which means you can expect cooler temperatures and less humidity than other parts of CA. Do your research on what areas are best for millennials to live in Chico. 

2. Open Floor Plans

As a millennial, we bet that you love living in homes with open floor plans because they offer a lot of natural light and give off a welcoming vibe. You don’t have to sacrifice style or design for an open floor plan; you just need the right builder in Chico, CA. 

3. Home Equity Loans

If you are looking to buy in one of Chico’s most popular neighborhoods and want something more than your budget can afford, home equity loans could be the answer. 

When using leverage to acquire a new property, make sure that your financial position is favorable so you don’t have to default on your payments. 

4. Home Renovations

As one of the millennials in Chico, you need to consider that you will be living in your new home for years. Hence, it’s important to pick a place with plenty of room for you and your family to grow. This means taking into consideration how many bedrooms you’ll want as well as the size of your front and backyard. 

5. Fun Features

Sometimes, homes can come without some of the fun or modern amenities the most millennials in Chico want—garages, fireplaces, and views. If you are going to stay in this property for many years, it’s important that you’re happy with the location and features

Check with your real estate agent for some properties that include these additional amenities before you close the sale.

6. Nearby Locations

You sure don’t want to live under a rock, so you want to check out whether the location of your new property will be nearby booming cities. Is Chico, CA a good place to live in? Definitely, yes! It is home to woodland trails, historic parks, and museums. 

Also, you should think about whether school districts are an issue or if there’s a lot of crime close by. If you’re out of state, make sure you’re up to date on the different climate zones in Chico, California. 

7. The Home Buying Process

Millennials in Chico may already know this, but buying a home is an excellent investment. That’s why it’s important to do your research and find the perfect house for you. Reach out to a real estate agent who is experienced in guiding home buyers find their best properties in Chico, CA