Listing Your Chico Real Estate For Sale? 5 Things To Know

Chico real estate for sale

Chico is a beautiful city in Northern, CA. It’s home to many families, retirees, and entrepreneurs who are flocking from all over the state. The locals love Chico’s natural beauty and proximity to Sacramento, San Francisco, Oregon.

If you have a property sitting in this great community, and you’re thinking of your exit strategy—take a deep breath. Here’s a checklist of 5 things you should know before listing your Chico real estate for sale. You have to know where to begin before making any decisions.

5 things You Must know Before Listing Your Chico Real Estate for Sale

1. There’s Tough Competition

Chico homes for sale are in high demand and real estate is a hot market. The housing market in Chico, CA has seen an increase of 28% in sales growth annually since 2012.

This means that you need to work with experienced Chico Realtors so they can guide you throughout the process and make the best decision. Also, find creative ways to help you stand out from the competition. 

2. The Housing Inventory is Decreasing

Homes for sale in Chico, CA are also popular among millennials that are looking to upgrade from a starter home. 

In Chico, CA the real estate is an excellent opportunity for first-time buyers because the entry-level housing inventory is low. And this trend continues, inventory decreases as people continue to move into the area. 

3. You’ll Need Some Chico Real Estate Marketing Help

Since properties for sale in Chico, CA are popular and in high demand, realtors have to work harder to market their property. Your realtor’s effective marketing strategy helps your property to be seen by your ideal clients and increases your chances to sell it fast. 

This often requires a stronger online presence as well as social media campaigns. 

4. Chico Homes Sell Fast

You’re in a better position because Chico properties for sale, they sell fast! In 2016, it took an average of only 54 days from listing to closing a real estate property in Chico, CA.

Your concern now would be finding your most ideal client that’s willing to pay for what your property is worth. Also, make sure that the paperwork is drafted so that any day an ideal client comes to visit, you’d be able to close the deal.

5. You Need to Price Your Property Correctly

Chico homes that are priced correctly and are in excellent condition most often receive multiple offers. You can also contact someone who does home staging in Chico, CA to maximize your property’s overall appeal.

It’s highly recommended that you work with a Chico Realtor who understands the real estate market well enough. Your real estate agent will help set your price competitively so that you’ll have more site visits.