Places to Explore in Oroville, CA

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Northern California is a great place to live. No matter what city you live in, nature is not far away. Once you leave the city, you’re in the country, literally. Oroville, sitting on the shores of the Feather River at the base of the Sierra Foothills, is an outdoor paradise. There are so many places to explore in Oroville and close by making Oroville a great place to live.

Here’s a short list of our favorite places to explore in Oroville, California.

Top 4 Spots to Explore When Living in Oroville, CA

1. North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

This property was designated an ecological reserve by the California Fish and Game Commission. It means that you’re sure to see plenty of flora and fauna during your visit there.

Stunning features like a rare vernal pool, lava outcropings, spring wildflowers, and several waterfalls can be seen in an elevated basalt mesa.

Popular activities that many visitors take part in include hiking, hunting, fishing, wildlife, and nature photography.

2. Chinese Temple

The Oroville Chinese Temple and its furnishing were funded by the Emperor and Empress of China while most of the labor was by the local community. Visitors today will be able to see much of the original structure although additions and renovations were made in 1968.

The temple has three chapels, the main of which is dedicated to the worship of many faiths, whether it be Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism.

3. Lake Oroville Visitor Center

One of the main features of the visitor center is a 47-foot viewing tower. This will give you panoramic views of your surroundings. The two high-powered telescopes at the top of the tower will let you see as far as the Sutter Buttes Mountain Range and the Sierra Nevadas.

Other features of the center are a museum, many exhibits and displays, videos, and a store. Some of the displays in this center feature photographs and artifacts. It reflects the native people who lived there, the area’s history, and the dam’s construction.

4. Lake Oroville State Recreation Area

The recreation area is a wonderful place to spend the day outdoors exploring solo or with family and friends. There is so much you can do at the park.

You can spend your time there hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding. Also, if you enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, water-skiing, or camping, it’s a great place to go.

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