Landscaping Ideas To Enhance Your Oroville Home – Pt 2

landscaping ideas to enhance your oroville home 2

This post is part two of my two-part series on landscaping ideas to enhance your Oroville home. You can find part one here. 

In this post, I’ll talk about the benefits of landscaping your Oroville home, or any home for that matter, areas to landscape, and provide some resources to Oroville area landscaping contractors. I hope you find it informative.

Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaping your Oroville home offers the following benefits:

  • More beautiful surroundings – It’s not much fun to hang out in an unattractive area.
  • Cleaner air and water – More plants mean more oxygen and reduced carbon dioxide. They also serve as traps for pollutants that may go into the nearby bodies of water.
  • Improved health – Mental, emotional, and physical health can be improved by simply looking at beautiful land formations. It refreshes minds, relaxes emotions, enhances attention and memories, and reduces stress and blood pressure. It is therapeutic and provides a sense of pride.
  • Economic benefits – Landscaping the surroundings reflects well on your neighborhood and increases home values.
  • Prevents erosion – For places in elevated areas, like the foothills, landscaping helps prevent soil erosion through the plants, trees, and structures built.
  • Functional – This includes planting edible plants, putting up benches under the shade trees, and covering trees that serve as fences.

Areas that Need Landscaping

When thinking about landscaping ideas, there are three areas to consider such as the front yard, the backyard, and side yards. Each serves different ends.

The Front Yard

The front yard is accessible and visible to the public. The front yard should be neat, kept uncluttered, and straightforward. It could be minimalistic or grandiose. You could include ornamental plants, palms, flowers, mulch, virtually anything you want and have the time to take care of is possible. 

Whatever style you choose, having a visible flow to entryways is advisable. You could also have a visible central area to draw the eye. 

The trend today due to the water situation in Northern California is water-conserving, heat-resistant landscaping. While this strays away from traditional lawns, it’s necessary for our area.

The Backyard

Backyards are for privacy and are where guests and family gather together. Typically, landscaping of the private area includes outdoor tables and sitting areas, patio, a terrace, pools, lawn, shade trees, or a greenhouse. The plants within this area are commonly for beautification and relaxation, such as flowering plants.

There is nothing better than coming home and sitting in your beautiful oasis. Water features like recirculating fountains are very relaxing and serene.

It’s your space; make it as you want it.

Side Yards

Side yards can be for the garbage cans, air conditioning condenser, utility building, firewood, a compost bin, or vegetable garden. I’ve seen several Butte County homes with small gardens in their side yards. At first, I considered this unusual, but it’s grown on me, no pun intended!

Generally, landscaping suits the need and preferences of the owner while still taking into consideration the environment of the area. 

Oroville Landscaping Home Ideas From Oroville Contractors

If you require more Oroville home landscaping ideas, it’s best to consult experts as they are well-trained and very experienced in this field.

According to the leading crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site in the US,, here’s a list and links to available landscapers in the Oroville/Chico area:

  1. JA Landscaping
  2. Jenna Johnson Designs
  3. Hanson and Hanson Landscape Consultants
  4. System Pavers
  5. Botanica Landscapes
  6. Common Vision Landscaping

Consult a professional for Oroville home landscaping ideas. 

If you’re looking for the perfect home, please reach out to me. I’ve worked in Butte County for years and can help you find the ideal home. Please click here for my contact page.

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