May Events in Chico, CA You Shouldn’t Miss

may events in chico

The month of May is fast approaching! Get yourself ready for the exciting May events in Chico. Chico is a small town yet offers many fun activities for locals and visitors. With an extensive list of must-visit spots, the region is also alive all year round. 

Be sure to sleep well because May in Chico will wear you out. Check out the below list of events to enjoy when in town.

4 Most Awaited May Events in Chico, CA

1. Thursday Night Market

Explore the downtown Broadway from the 2nd to the 4th street for Chico’s Thursday Night Market. This event which starts on May 5th until September 22nd is one of the town’s signature events. Over a hundred vendors fill the street during this festive, weekly market. Downtown shops will open late, ready to serve you at night. It is a rain or shine event open to the public.

The event will also showcase local talents, from artists to local singers to comedians. There is also balloon twisting for the children and several activities in the plaza. 

2. Friday Night Concert

Your whole Chico experience will never be complete without attending the town’s favorite summertime tradition—Friday Night Concert. This event has been a tradition since 1978 and is also one of the town’s signature events. It aims to encourage a sense of civic pride and connection to Chico. The event starts from May 6th until October 7th in the City Plaza.

3. Woodstock’s Pizza

166 E. 2nd Street

Sign up for a friendly competition every Wednesday at Woodstock’s Pizza Trivia Night! Starting at 8 pm, you can grab a slice of pizza before starting the raucous competition. Get up and get ready to shine as you ravage the trivia challenge like a shark. The event will surely keep you up all night.

The event is free to sign up at 4 pm, with a squad of up to six people. Entertain yourself with a night of tasty pizza and lively competition.

4. Celebrating 150 Years!

Join Chico’s 150 years celebration with 150 activities for over 150 days. Chico is celebrating in the best way they know. Don’t miss this activity starting May 1st until September 30th. It features activities specific to the region and community-wide events that honor the town’s history and is a must-experience for all people in Chico from May to September. Come and join the community celebration on September 31st at Meriam Park.

Wrap Up

Chico, California, is a great place to settle in. The cost of living is fair, paired with good schools and tons of activities that will entertain you and the whole family. What’s best is their weather. The winters are mild, and while summers get warm, spring and fall are glorious. 

Contact me if you plan to get a home in this laid-back area! I will help you find a lovely home that suits your needs.

Thanks for visiting!