Fishing in Paradise Lake: What You Need to Know

fishing in paradise lake

Fishing in Paradise Lake is a popular activity for most families. This sanctuary is 2.9 miles away from Magalia, Butte County, and is home to approximately 10,000 fish. Fish species include largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill, rainbow trout, redeye bass, pumpkinseed, lake trout, and channel catfish.

Find out how to get there and some fishing rules you need to follow.

Things You Should Know Before Fishing in Paradise Lake

Fishing Hours

Paradise Lake is open from 5 a.m. to sunset and closed on Wednesdays for maintenance. 

How to Get There

You may go fishing in Paradise Lake in the northern area. Travel to Skyway North, turn right to Coutolenc Road, then drive 2.7 miles to Lucretia road. Afterward, you turn left on Lucretia Road and head to the parking area.


You may get a day pass for $3 or a seasonal pass for $30. Passes can be purchased at the PRPD Terry Ashe Center near the lake.

Fishing Rules

The Paradise Recreation and Parks District (PRPD) manages Paradise Lake. They help preserve the land, water, and wildlife in the area. In addition, the lake is a source of drinking water, so wading or swimming is not allowed. Fishing near the dam is also prohibited.

Types of Boats Allowed

They allow inflatable boats, electric trolling boats, canoes, kayaks, and sailboats. They do not allow boats that use gasoline or diesel or have chemicals that can harm the environment. See the complete regulations here.

Boat Launching

PRPD does a boat inspection for safety. Get a boat parking permit at the PRPD office or online. Apart from this, your vehicle for launching the boat must not touch the water. They also don’t allow off-road vehicles. 

Fishing Bait

PRPD forbids the use of minnows as fishing baits. 

Pets and Wildlife

Pets are not allowed in the sanctuary. They discourage you from feeding the animals as well.


You may bring children for as long as one adult accompanies two children. Children must wear floatation devices along with life vests.

After Fishing Activities

If you plan on eating your catch, reserve a group picnic area with a barbecue pit so you can grill your fresh fish. Other activities in the lake also include kayaking. You may rent from the office. There are also hiking trails four miles away from the main area.

The Bottom Line

Are you thinking of fishing in Paradise Lake more often? You can have a great time living near Paradise Lake and easily enjoy fishing in the area for years to come. 

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