Hiking Trails in Magalia, CA

hiking in magalia

Magalia, Ca, has some great hiking trails. Grab your favorite hiking shoes and water bottle for a quiet and relaxing hike to unwind and commune with nature while getting some exercise. Hiking trails in Magalia have a lot to offer.

Discover what this small town’s hiking trails have to offer.

4 Popular Hiking Trails in Magalia, CA

1. Lil’ Falls Trail

Access this trail by entering Paradise Pines. Journey through this 4.4-mile trail with a fascinating view of a small waterfall. The trail is quite challenging, so make sure to be careful. You can finish this trail in less than two hours. Dogs on leashes are also allowed in this area. However, parking space is limited, so best to go there early.

2. Paradise Lake

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly route, take your family to Paradise Lake. They have developed the trails, so it’s easier for children and those in a wheelchair to pass. The trail is 6.6 miles long. Hiking here would take two and a half hours to complete. 

You may encounter deer along the way, not to mention a great view of Paradise Lake. However, dogs aren’t allowed in this area.

3. Butte Creek

If you’re looking for a shorter route, travel to Butte Creek. Here you’ll hear the relaxing sound of the creek and see wildflowers along the way. Apart from these, there are swimming holes and waterfalls by the stream. The trail is just 1.2 miles long and takes 36 minutes to complete. 

4. Crain Memorial Park

Crain Memorial Park is close to Concow Lake. It has portable restrooms, a picnic area, a playground, and a unique native plant trail where you can appreciate different plant and floral species. 

What To Prepare

Hiking is a great way to exercise. However, no matter how easy or moderate the trail is, you need to be prepared. It’s best to travel light for the hike. Pack your bag with essentials like a first aid kit, an extra shirt, and lots of drinking water. 

What to Put On

Protect yourself from UV rays by applying sunscreen, wearing a cap, and choosing the proper clothing and gear. Dri-fit and cotton clothes are usually more comfortable. However, this depends on the weather. 

Make sure to wear non-slip shoes, especially when climbing over rocks. In addition, follow trail directions.

Best Times to Hike

Fall, summer, and spring are the best seasons to hike. Remember to check the weather forecast before hiking in Magalia for your safety.

Hiking is great exercise, and if you live near Magalia, these hikes will help improve your fitness.

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