Where to Sign Up for Horseback Riding Lessons Near Oroville, CA

horseback riding lessons near oroville

If you think bungee jumping is fun, try riding a horse at full speed through beautiful countryside. But would you be able to handle it? If you’ve never ridden a horse, now is the time to find horseback riding lessons near Oroville! 

Horseback riding is a unique experience. You’re getting on the back of an animal that weighs roughly 1500lbs, and it takes a bit of skill to manage it, but once you do, nothing beats the thrill of a galloping horse through a meadow.

If you’ve never ridden a horse before, it might be best before you get carried away, literally, to take a few lessons on the fundamentals of horsemanship. Here are a few places to take horseback riding lessons near Oroville.

3 Places To Take Horseback Riding Lessons Near Oroville

1. Camelot Equestrian Park

985 Clark Rd, Oroville – 530-354-6079

You can’t begin to imagine the kind of fun you’ll have galloping on a 1,600-acre horse playground. Camelot Equestrian Park will help you get started on your training. With the help of their trainer partners, you can start with your basic riding skills. Trainers are skilled and with years of experience. 

It is a multi-purpose equestrian park with horse riding trails, a campground, and picnic areas. 

The terrain is fantastic, indeed giving you a memorable riding experience.  

For only $20 per horse, you can enjoy a full day of riding. 

2. Youthful Courage Stables

3384 S Butte Rd, Yuba City – 707-350-2999

At Youthful Courage Stables, you’ll get to train with Stephanie Kaesekamp, whose been a certified trainer for around 20 years. She is an excellent instructor who has loved horses since her childhood years. 

Youthful Courage Stables is a great place to take your family or friends for a horseback ride. 

Stephanie teaches a variety of horsemanship styles—English, Western, and Bareback Riding. Feel free to get a one-on-one lesson or with a group of two to four. Enjoy a fun and fabulous place not just for grown-ups but for children too!

3. CH Stables and Training

5941 A Rd, Marysville – 916-667-1557

Around an hour from Oroville, CH Stables and Training will also help you with your horseback riding lessons. You will train with Caitlin, who has years of experience in horseback riding. She has been competing in English and Western disciplines. 

Caitlin offers a variety of training programs for new riders. They have lesson horses you can use, or if you have your own horse, you can haul it in. Call or text Caitlin at 916-667-1557 for more details or visit her site. Click here.

The Bottom Line

The rural feel of Oroville gives it a refreshing ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. What makes Oroville a great place to live? The amenities like their expansive parks and outdoor recreation that Northern California is known for worldwide.

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