Join the Historical Walking Tour in Oroville

walking tour in oroville

Set a date with friends or family and join the historical walking tour in Oroville. Go on an adventure to Downtown Oroville’s iconic routes and discover ancient treasures and surprises.

What to Expect In The Historical Walking Tour in Oroville

The historical walking tour in Oroville is like a time-traveling experience. It dates back to the Gold Rush days when Oroville miners mined gold from the Feather River. Apart from the stroll, you can taste several delectable food treats at the end of the tour or opt for a picnic with your group.

The Stopovers

The tour features seven stopovers to see local structures built from the 1800s to the 1900s.

First Stop: C.F. Lott Home

C.F. Lott Home is a 150-year-old Victorian home in Sank Park at 1067 Montgomery Street. Judge Lott, a State Senator in the early 19th century, owned this house. Aside from being a senator, he pioneered the Citrus Exchange in California. The home showed the lifestyle of wealthy families of the day.

You’ll see antique furnishings, glassware, soft treatments, and clothes from 1849 to 1910 displayed in the museum. In addition, the bathroom and fireplace also have refined art designs. Jesse Sank and Cornelia Lott (the judge’s daughter) also lived here.

Entrance to the Lott home costs $3 per adult. Children below 12 years old are free of charge.

Second Stop: Chinese Temple

The ancient Chinese temple is at 1500 Broderick Street. This legendary California landmark was built in 1863 for the Chinese community in Sacramento. The temple serves both Confucianism and Buddhism believers. The Tapestry Hall showcases embroidered draperies and parasols.

Besides these, the temple also has Chinese and American costumes and artifacts like gold and herbs. You can also see bamboo, fish ponds, and the Lacebark Pine tree in the garden.

Third Stop: Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum

You will find the world’s earliest hand tools here in Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum at 1650 Broderick Street. The collection was from Carl Bolt, a representative of Snap-On Tools. He collected old tools to compare them with his company’s new devices. Since 1957, he has gathered 12,000 pieces.

Apart from the exhibit, they also have an interactive discovery program for students and a gift shop.

Fourth Stop: Centennial Plaza

Enjoy the great outdoors at Centennial Plaza, where you can peek at the beauty of Feather River. The plaza is on Arleen Rhine Memorial Drive and has local art galleries and spaces for weddings. It’s a spacious venue to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze.

Fifth Stop: Ehmann Home

This charming home belongs to Freda Ehmann, the Mother of the Ripe Olive Industry. The museum is also called the “house the olives made” because of Freda’s influence. She and her son Edwin established the house in 1911 after successfully curing ripe olives and distributing them on the global market.

The interior comprises wainscoted walls, traditional furniture, stained glass windows, and hardwood floors. They have opened the museum as an event space as well.

Sixth Stop: State Theatre

The State Theatre sits along Myers Street and has been around since 1927. Architect Timothy Pfluger constructed this 600-seater cinema which is now a space for live performances. Most of the performances include dances and orchestra showcases. Star Wars fans will celebrate Star Wars Day here on May 5, 2022.

Seventh Stop: Pioneer Museum

Pioneer Museum sits on Montgomery Street. It is a large replica of the 49er’s cabin and contains 6,000 square feet of ancient treasures. The Golden West native sons and daughters built the structure in 1932.

Inside the museum, you will see pianos, organs, gambler’s items, a grand clock, a miner’s vest, and a doll. The museum is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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