Top-Rated Spas and Hotels in Oroville

spas and hotels in oroville

After an exhausting day or spending quality time galloping with your horse, hitting a comfortable bed will give your day a good wrap. You can enjoy a good time treating yourself to a spa the next day to ease your muscles. Thanks to the spas and hotels in Oroville. You can get both comforts with ease—the relaxing massage and the cozy bed.

Let’s look at the two top-rated spas and hotels in Oroville.

List of Spas and Hotels in Oroville, CA


1. Feather Falls Casino & Lodge

Address: 3 Alverda Dr, Oroville

Phone Number: 530-533-3885

Grab a reservation at California’s best bet, Feather Falls Casino & Lodge. It offers excellent accommodations with luxurious rooms. With a starting rate of $137/night, you get access to a fitness center and a unique pool area, both indoor and outdoor. They have excellent customer service at affordable rates.

Enjoy three events that would add to the Feather Falls Casino & Lodge experience—Brewery Concerts, Golden Feather Lounge, and Rock Party Concert Series. Check out their calendar here.

2. Gold Country Casino Resort

Address: 4020 Olive Hwy, Oroville

Phone Number: 800-334-9400

Just twelve minutes from Feather Falls Casino & Lodge is also a great hotel to pick. Gold Country Casino Resort rooms are renovated and designed with elegance that promotes relaxation. Large rooms feature access to the Plaza Sunning Deck, balcony, and jacuzzi. Large bathrooms with twin vanities and soaking-style bathtubs are also one of the great features. Starting at $129/night, you can enjoy superb accommodation and their oasis pool.


3. Pain Be Gone Massage Therapy

Address: 1940 Feather River Blvd F, Oroville

Phone Number: 530-353-3150

Customers can’t help but fall in love with their service. Pain Be Gone Massage Therapy is not just a massage spa, they also offer Chinese Medicine-Alternative Medicine Therapy! It is a therapy that is thousands of years old. Thus the result is very relaxing and has proven effective. All therapists are licensed by the state.

Starting at $50, you can enjoy an excellent massage. Additionally, you can add on to include the therapy of your choice.

4. Gold N Touch Massage Therapy

Address: 2858 B Olive Hwy, Oroville

Phone Number: 530-263-9923

Gold N Touch Massage Therapy is another option you can try when in Oroville. With a starting price of $85, you can enjoy a relaxing full-body massage. They offer several types of massage, so feel free to take your best pick. If you’re interested in Yoga, they offer classes throughout the week, excluding Sunday. In addition, they also offer customized workshop sessions to fit your needs.

There are many wellness options to choose from, all in one spot!

The pandemic has made Oroville one of the fastest-growing cities in California. The suburban/rural feel gives a refreshing ambiance. What makes the city a great place to live? It is its affordability and a sound education system.

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