How to Prepare for the Fire Season in California 2022

prepare for fire season

The fire season in California 2022 is here. It is that time of the year when catastrophic wildfires ravage the state of California, leading to air pollution, wanton destruction of property, and loss of lives. The risk has never been higher with increasingly warm and dry winters/springs.

If your area is prone to these disastrous fires, here are four ways to prepare and keep your family safe.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Fire Season in California 2022

Create a ‘Buffer Zone’

To create a buffer zone, remove all flammable materials and dead vegetation that can easily catch fire within 30 feet of your home.

While at it, remove any tree branches hanging near your roof or those touching any structures to create a ‘cold space’ in case the tree catches fire. Additionally, remove any dead tree limbs and create a 6-feet gap between the ground and the lowest hanging branch. 

You can create a larger buffer zone around your property depending on the risk of wildfires in your area. This will undoubtedly be tiresome, but it will be worth it in the end.

Have an Emergency Plan

As has been the case, the fire might force your family to evacuate at short notice. To avoid being caught up in a quickly moving blaze, have a list of emergency shelters and designate a place where you can meet with your family.

The plan should also include a 72-hour supply of food, water, clothing, pet food, and other essential supplies. You may need to evacuate at night, so it’s better to have a good pair of shoes and a flashlight ready.

Make Your Address Visible

Fires make the surroundings dark and smoky, making it difficult for firefighters to find your house quickly. Besides the address painted on the curb, ensure your address is visible on your house or the fence. Dark letters on a white background and vice versa will go a long way.

Make Your Property Fire Resistant

Replace your wood shake roofs with more fire-resistant materials like tile and metal. You can also install double pane windows to reinforce your home further. Installing ember-resistant vents in your attic will keep burning embers away from your house, thereby preventing a possible fire.

You can find more wildfire resources on Cal, and U.S. Forest Service.

The Bottom Line

 We hope this guide has been helpful for you. We want to leave you with one final piece of advice: don’t wait until the last minute. Take some time to start putting together your plan, and then relax knowing you’re doing everything possible to get ready.

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