Best New Year’s Eve Parties in Chico Part 2

new year's eve parties in chico

Do you want more exciting New Year’s Eve parties in Chico? We’re making an extended list for families and friends to enjoy. Please click here for part one if you haven’t read it yet.

From live music to feasts, the city of Chico has every kind of celebration for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy dinner with family, party with friends, or set a special date at these NYE parties in Chico.

Must attend New Year’s Eve Parties In Chico

NYE at Gnarly Deli

Gnarly Deli, 243 West 2nd St

Eat big, juicy burgers with your favorite beer this New Year’s Eve. Drop by Gnarly Deli and catch the Solar Estates, Sweaty Manchego, and Deep Cuts bands performing live. Doors open at 8 pm. Early bird tickets are $15. At Gnarly Deli, you can ring in the New Year with good food while having a good time. Please reserve a table here.

BassMint Chico’s NYE Celebration

Om on the Range, 301 Main St

Would you prefer an intergalactic theme for your New Year’s Eve celebration? BassMint Chico and Om on the Range offer an intergalactic NYE party. Check it out for interstellar fun, champagne, and live music. Watch EyereEyes, Khariszma, and LB & Konfusion perform live! Early bird tickets cost $15. The party begins at 9 pm. Please buy tickets here and come in your best space-themed or unicorn outfit.

NYE Parties Near Chico

Edge of 2023 Countdown Celebration

NYE 90’s House Party

The Dip 1730 California Street, Redding

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a low key 90’s-style house party. Feel the nostalgia with a night of arcade games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. There are also some retro gaming consoles to play with. The organizer, The Dip, will be serving pizza and drinking beer. Book a reservation for only $5 here. The party begins at 7 pm and ends the next day at 1 am. The Dip is approximately an hour and 45 minutes away from Chico.

We hope this list helped with your New Year’s Eve Plans. As you can see, Chico offers a lot of fun and excitement for NYE. Now get ready to celebrate the year’s end!

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