Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Paradise, CA.

During the last 2 years, Evie has been our agent 3 times, 2 as the buyer and 1 as the seller. We have nothing but wonderful experiences with Evie.
As the first time buyer, we did not know much. So, for our first offer, we did not chose a local agent, and of course, the offer felt through badly.
After that experience, we were a bit hesitant to work with Evie at first. However, we were convinced after working with her for our first purchase. For every house we were interested, Evie took her time to talk to the other agent and made sure we had the strongest offer. Thus, we got our house without any problem. Not only that, the buying process was great. Everything went very smoothly and escrow was actually closed faster than expected. So, no question for us to keep going with Evie as our agent for the second house.
On the other hand, Evie earned our ultimate trust after the selling process. To be honest, it was quite challenging, mostly because of the unexpected problems. Step by step, Evie took care of all of them for us. During the whole process, she called us every couple days just to make sure we were good with everything.
Over all, Evie is not only an average great agent who knows what she is doing. She actually went above and beyond for her customer. We will definitely go to Evie for any purchase in our future.