Looking for that tax right-off? Come see me 12/15/11 between 5:00-7:00pm

Yes, the old adage, Giving to others is better than giving to yourself.  Well, I’ll have to agree. Not to mention, Donating is tax deductible, at least for Salvation Army.

For those who know me, know I have strong opinions when it comes to helping others within our community.  Through the years I try and donate my time or financially or both to help our local citizens and children.  Whether it be the American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club or our local Salvation Army.

I have been on the advisory committee for the Salvation Army on and off for almost 12 years now.  I see first hand the help that’s provided, from just a few dollars here and there, donated from our citizens, goes a long way.

Today’s mission is simple. Help Me, Help Them!  It’s no big secret, we are all struggling in this economy.  Some however, are struggling just a little bit more than most of us.  Not to mention, Donating is tax deductible, at least for Salvation Army.

Come visit agents from our office Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate will be ringing the bell for Salvation Army at Paradise Kmart between 9:00am-7:00pm, 12/15/11

COME SEE ME AT PARADISE K-MART 12/15/2011 between 5:00-7:00pm and drop a coin or two. Checks can be made out to Salvation Army.

If you cant make it, that’s ok.  Ive provided a link below for our online kettle.  ALL MONEYS, STAY LOCAL. Unless you are viewing this from another area.  You can donate to the online kettle within your own zip code or location.  If you’d like to be a bell ringer, contact our local Salvation Army Service center at 530-872-1534.

Online Red Kettle

Thanks again, and I hope to see you a Kmart.  Remember, I’ll be there between 5:00-7:00pm 12/15/11

Humbly yours,

Cindy Haskett