Top 5 Hikes Near Chico, California

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Hiking in Chico has a little something for everyone. Hikes near Chico can be a leisurely walk or a good workout. It’s all available and close by.

With an abundance of great trails near Chico, CA, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Take your pick of the easy trails or test yourself on the more challenging routes.

Top 5 Hikes Near Chico, California

Yahi Trail

Yahi Trail is an easy yet exciting hike. This trail leads along Big Chico Creek’s beloved swimming holes. Alligator Hole, Day Camp, Bear Hole, Salmon Hole, Devil’s Kitchen, Awesome Hole, and Brown’s Hole are all along the Yahi Trail.

It’s the longest trail in Upper Bidwell Park and one of the park’s hiking-only trails. Yahi trail is excellent for beginners with a perfect length. There’s a minor challenge once you reach the middle portion of the trail because it’s a bit rocky.

Big Chico Creek Loop

The Big Chico Creek Loop, or some may call it as T-Ford Loop or Yahi/Annie Bidwell Loop, is a trail that loops around Big Chico Creek. It’s an ideal destination trail during spring. It becomes more challenging during the winter and rainy seasons.

This moderate trail is perfect for those who plan on going for dips in the creek and enjoy some majestic scenery.

Guardians Trail

Probably the best trail in Upper Bidwell Park, Guardians Trail is often sought by experienced trekkers. Why? Because of its technical path. It’s recommended that you plan before venturing into the difficult sections of the trail.

Also, if you are riding your bike, don’t hesitate to walk if you find the section very challenging. You can enjoy multiple activities that range from hiking to downhill biking.

South Rim Trail

South Rim Trail hugs the southeast border of Upper Bidwell Park. The trail is a perfect place to see the magnificent view of the Big Chico Creek Canyon’s southern rim.

When you take this route in early May, you can enjoy the scenic route and the beautiful, blooming wildflowers. The South Rim Trail is a perfect hike for those who want moderate adventure with various terrains and landscapes.

Monkey Face Loop

Monkey Face Loop is an easy trail if you and your family are looking to get out, explore, and have an adventure. With an easy 15-minute path, you can enjoy and find out where Monkey Face Loop got its name. You can enjoy various activities with your family and even discover some places you may not have seen.

In search of the perfect adventure around Chico, California? These hiking trails near Chico, CA give you all the reasons to explore this city.

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