5 Biking Trails Near Chico, California

biking trails chico

Biking trails near Chico are similar to trails in other parts of Northern California. Beautiful scenery and a variety of trails to choose from in Bidwell Park. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone regardless of your biking proficiency.

Like a Sunday drive? We got that. Wanna risk your life? We got that too!! Whatever you’re looking for in mountain biking, you can find it near Chico.

I’m going to cover two easy, one moderate and two hard rides near the Chico area in no particular order. Bidwell Park is such an incredible place and has so much to offer the area. Thanks Annie!!

5 Great Mountain Biking Trails Near Chico, California

  1. Bidwell Park Lower Trail – Easy

The Bidwell Park Lower trail is a pretty easy, 5 mile ride. It’s a beautiful ride especially in spring when all the wildflowers are in bloom. No matter your mountain biking skill level, the lower trail is easy to navigate.

Click here for a little more info on the Lower Trail.

  1. Ten Mile House Road Trail – Easy

Ten Mile House Road Trail is a little harder but only because it’s longer. At 9.5 miles, it’s a little more than a quick ride. That said, are you in a hurry? Go riding! Enjoy the view and have fun!

Ten Mile House is open all year round and is another scenic ride.

Click here for more info on Ten Mile House Road Trail.

  1. Guardians Trail via South Loop Trail Loop – Moderate

Guardians Trail is known for being one of the best trails in Bidwell Park. It’s tailored to intermediate to advanced riders. There are a couple of spots where better riders will feel challenged so if you’re looking for an easy ride, this one may not be for you.

The trail is just over 8 miles long but with the difficulty could feel like more of a ride than the distance. This trail is dog friendly but be sure to pick up after your pup as walkers often use this trail.

Click here for more information on Guardians Trail.

  1. North Rim B Trail to Middle Trail – HARD

This trail is moderately hard at a thigh screaming 9.9 miles. There are parts of this trail that are slow going and require a bit more technical expertise. If you don’t have a lot of experience mountain biking, you should choose another trail. Lot’s of options in the area though so it should be easy.

North Rim B Trial to Middle Trail is also dog friendly. Click here for more details on this ride.

  1. Bidwell Park Outer Loop

The Outer Loop trail is usually best when the weather is good. This trail is 14.8 miles and it’s advised to use it from April to October. It’s got not one but two river crossings and in the winter, that water is rushing and cold!

While it may be a tough ride, the view from the top is very rewarding. Throw a sandwich in the backpack and make it a day ride.

Click here for more info on the Outer Loop ride.

It’s always a good idea to exercise caution on rides you’ve never ridden before. Take plenty of water, sunscreen, protective gear and a helmet are just smart.

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