Explore Public Art in Chico, CA

public art in chico

See the city of Chico from a different perspective when you explore public art in Chico, CA. View sculptures, murals, paintings, and other art installations tucked away in galleries and outdoor displays.

Public Art in Chico


Chico has 96 murals, and the best way to explore these public arts in Chico, CA, is with this murals map. The Butte Artists Mural Association (BAMA) has photographed and recorded these murals and other public art to guide visitors and locals. 

A few noteworthy murals include:

The Club

The Club Mural at 7th & Wall is a beautiful work of art reflecting rich colors and a playful theme. Relive that childlike moment when you stop by Chico Rotary Plaza and see The Club mural.

Language House

Park at Mid Valley Parking Lot and appreciate Chico’s modern Spanish-style homes painted as a mural.

Bridges of Bridges

As you know, California has many bridges, which might have inspired the artist behind the Bridges of Bridges mural. The mural features the Golden Gate and San Fransico Bay bridges, among others, at the parking lot behind 601 Main St.

Esplanade, or Trolly Murals I & II

If you happen to be in Main Street City Plaza, you’ll see the Trolly Murals from Chico’s first streetcar line. The Esplanade started operations in 1904 and ran on electricity.

Compound History, Compound Images

Discover a brief background of Chico’s arts and culture through the Compound History mural at Chico Municipal Center at 411 Main Street.


“Spread the love, not hate” —this was artist Jed Speer’s idea when he painted the wall at the Junction of Main & Park Ave.

Robin Hood

See the outlaw hero, Robin Hood, on a mural at E. 4th & Main Parking Lot.

Lions and Bubbles

Gregg Payne has painted colorful bubbles coming from a lion at 5th St. Alley between Main and Broadway.


Jed Speer painted another mural calling for unity at Chico Rotary Plaza, 7th & Wall.

Art Sculptures and Installations

View stunning three-dimensional sculptures and art installations in Chico’s recreational areas, including Bidwell and Oak Way Park. These are a few sights to see.

Abbey Road

A three-dimensional art on a metal screen gate makes entering the building friendlier. It used to be a mural but was painted over and replaced. Check it out at the Formal Education on 127 Main Street.

Heritage Elm Sculpture Project

Touch and feel this sculpture made of elm wood and copper at the City Plaza.

Chico Foothills Stained Glass Mural

The stained-glass mural is precisely like the real thing you see in churches and old structures. See it at the Chico Municipal Center at 411 Main Street.

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