Major Employers in Chico, CA

major employers in chico ca

If you’re considering moving to the Butte County area, you might want to find out about the major employers in Chico, Ca. Chico is the largest city in Butte County and has many employment opportunities. Additionally, there is a California State college there which attracts supporting businesses.

This article will show you a list of the major employers in Chico, CA. We based this list on information from America’s Labor Market Information System (ALMIS) Employer Database.

5 Major Employers in Chico, CA

Knife River Construction

Knife River provides construction materials and services for projects of any size. Additionally, they have locations in Chico and other parts of the country. The company was founded a decade ago and has become one of the nation’s largest construction materials and contracting businesses. Knife River has nearly 6,000 employees across the Western US.

They’re constantly looking for new drivers, mechanics, and equipment operators. You can find more details about these open positions here.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company 

The Sierra Nevada is a brewery was founded in 1980 and is the third largest privately-owned brewery in the US and employs more than 1000 people.

Currently, they’re looking to fill several positions, including Brewer Technician, Senior Accountant, Project Manager, and more. If you are interested in working for the Sierra Nevada, you can check their detailed job listings here.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a health insurance company with offices in Chico, California. The company’s founding was in 1977, and its headquarters are in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Moreover, it’s the largest medical insurer in the United States and has more than 125,000 employees.

Open positions include pharmacist and pharmacy driver. You can check out the details of the positions here.


Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and the largest employer, with 2.3 million employees worldwide as of 2022. In addition, they have 10,500 stores in 24 countries under 46 different names.

The company offers hundreds of job opportunities in stores, offices, and distribution centers in Chico alone. For available positions, you can visit their career page.

California State University

Over the past 130 years, California State University, Chico has developed a reputation for offering high-quality and high-value education.

Chico State has over 1,946 employees in 2021 alone. Currently, they’re looking to hire executives, coaches, counselors, librarians, staff, and faculty. You may check the details of the positions here.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Chico is home to some great companies. We hope this list will help you decide whether moving to Chico is right for you.

If you’re interested in finding out what else Chico has to offer, we encourage you to check out our previous posts.

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